The Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health - Bahiana has been developing itself in training researchers, teachers and students in skills and investigative approaches aimed to improve the population quality of life. The goals are reached throughout several initiatives:

- supporting an institutional policy to improve science, technologies and innovation development – Research and Inonovation 
- developping inovating products and process;
- maintaining research groups registered in the National Council for SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT (CNPq) - Research Groups
- maintaining a scholarship program for undergraduate students in the research area;
- sponsoring the Center for Research and Innovation (NUPI) in order to encourage, promote and support research actions and entrepreneurship in healthcare;
- Launching the Visiting Research Student Program.

Program: Visiting Research Student

Medicine and Human Health (Master and PhD), multi-professional, Health Technologies (Master - multi-professional), Odontology (Master), Psychology (Master).

Some Characteristics 

Participation in research groups, participation in conferences and in the classes of a discipline as listener, presentation of research (banner or oral presentation) in the annual Scientific Exhibits at Bahiana.

- The student has to be enrolled as a graduate student in another country.
- Acceptance letter from a professor at Bahiana as a co-advisor. To have the contacts of the researchers you may send a message to [email protected].
- Intermediate or advanced level of Portuguese Language.

Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health (Brotas Campus and Cabula Campus).

Period of program:
4 weeks (February to May, March to June or August to November).