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International Student

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If health is your vocation, Bahiana has the best course options for you. With a recognized and valued name in the job market, studying at Bahiana guarantees a differentiated curriculum and more employability.

In addition, Bahiana has a teaching proposal centered on ethical and democratic principles, which values ​​a more humane approach at all levels. Thus, the student has the academic support of the Psychopedagogical Care Center (NAPP), formed by a multiprofessional team of pedagogues, psychopedagogists, psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as the Academic-Pedagogical Supervision Center (NUSP) with regard to relationship between teaching and learning.

For Bahiana, not only admission, but also the permanence and full development of the student throughout the course matter. For this reason, the assistance provided by our Social Service is geared towards the various possibilities of financing and student aid programs.

During the course, the possibilities are many, even outside the country. The Bahiana Institutional Relationship and Internationalization Center (REAI) maintains technical, scientific and cultural collaboration agreements with national and international institutions, promoting academic mobility.